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Kevin C. Almeroth

Professor Emeritus
Department of Computer Science
Computer Engineering Program
Technology Management Program
Media Arts and Technology
College of Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara

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Research Projects and Publications

All of the research I'm involved in is summarized on the
Networking and Multimedia Systems Lab (NMSL) WWW page. Click below for an overview:

[Overview of Research Projects and Publications]


Please see the
NMSL's People Page for the complete up-to-date list.


This is a list of courses I've taught, that I am teaching, or that I'm scheduled to teach:

Contact information

Kevin Almeroth                              E-mail:
Department of Computer Science              Office:  2113, Engineering I
University of California                    Phone:   (805)636-1123
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5110                Fax:     (805)893-8553