CS176A - Introduction to Computer Communication Networks
Homework Assignment #1
Due BEFORE (2:00pm) Class on Thursday, October 2, 2003

Assignment Overview

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with both the history and the architecture of the Internet as well as to get you used to using Google to find information you will need.

Use as much space as needed to answer the following four questions, this should be approximately 1 or 2 pages. For each answer use the Google search engine and list the URL's used. Include your name and e-mail address as the first line of the homework.


  1. What is CERNET? Describe what it is, where it is and when was it created. Also, how is it similar to ARPANET in historical significance?

    CERNET is a network set up at CERN that closely resembles The ARPANET in the US. Originally CERNET offered file transfer at 2 Mb/s over serial lines as well as remote login. It is similar to ARPANET in that it was Europe's precursor to the Internet.

    Also acceptable is CERNET in China, or any other CERNET that was found and has some relationship to the Internet.

  2. Choose a user service you are familiar with such as FTP, DNS or SMTP. Give a brief history of the service. Find out who or what created it, when it was created and describe its original purpose.

    Any user service is fine, for example DNS, IMAP, SMTP, SNMP, FTP, HTTP, or POP.

  3. MAE (Metropolitan Area Ethernet) is a collection of NAP's owned by a large telecommunications company. Find out which major company it is. Also, list at least 4 MAE sites and the areas they cover along with the services they provide.

    MAE is owned by MCI. There are MAE's in the East, West, Central US as well as Los Angeles, Paris, and Frankfurt. MAE East covers Vienna, VA, Reston, VA, Ashburn, VA and NY, NY and offers Frame Relay and ATM services. MAE west is in' San Jose CA and offers Frame Relay and ATM services. MAE Central covers Dallas, TX Westmont, IL and Atlanta, GA and also offers Frame Relay and ATM Services. MAE Los Angeles, Paris and Frankfurt are located in there respective areas and offer only LAN service.

  4. Go to the IETF website, find RFC1149 and read it. What is the RFC describing? If it's not obvious from the RFC, use the internet to find out what it is. Also, find out if it has been implemented. If so, who did it and what were the results?

    RFC1149 is called Avian IP and outlines packet switching using carrier pigeons. Originally meant as an April Fool's joke but it was actually implemented on April 28th, 2001 in Norway an the first ping packet was received in 6165 seconds.

Assignment Turnin

This assignment will be turned in using the CS Department turnin program. From any computer in CSIL type the following command to turnin your answers to this homework:

csil-machine>turnin hw1@cs176a hw1.ps

Be sure to use exactly hw1@cs176a for this assignment. However the last argument is the name of the file containing your homework answers and can be any name you choose.

This assignment should be turned in a suitable format. Suitable formats include HTML, PostScript, PDF and plain text. Unfortunately, Microsoft Word documents are not suitable, they are too prone to viruses. However, that does not preclude you from using Microsoft Word to type out your answers. Simply save the Word document as an HTML file or a PostScript file if you know how. If you have any questions on a format ask the TA's.

Note: See the syllabus for the late turn-in policy. (No late assignments will be accepted.)