MAT 201B / CS 290I--Media Networks and Services
Project Overview

Project Overview

The goal of the project is to give you some flexibility in doing development work beyond a canned assignment. The project is about as open-ended as an assignment can be. This leaves you a great deal of flexibility in determining what you want to do, how you want to do it, and with whom you want to work.

Assignment Details

Phase I: Project Preliminaries

The first phase of the project is to choose an idea, choose whether you want to do it by yourself or with others, and develop a project plan.

Between now and Monday night, November 3rd, at 11:59pm you should develop a rough version of this plan. Provide as much detail as possible. Send your description as a text email to me at

These project descriptions will be copied and handed out to the rest of the class. The goal for next Tuesday will then be to learn about what others want to do; to discuss projects; to find team members; and start to develop a project plan.

Phase II: Project Proposal

The second phase will be to refine your project proposal and formalize it. The project proposal will be due by 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 12th.

In this proposal you should have a much more detailed description of what you want to accomplish, and more importantly, an incremental plan for how you will accomplish your expected outcome.

The key to a successful project like this, i.e. a very short-term project with a poor understanding of the amount of work necessary to accomplish the objectives, is to develop a phased plan. The phased plan should have milestones that can be achieved incrementally. The milestones do not necessarily have to have delivery dates associated with them, but your ability to accomplish most or all of your milestones will have a significant affect on your final grade.

Phase III: Project Scope

Your project should have the following components: These components should be written up into a report (brief is sufficient) due at the end of the quarter.

Phase IV: Project Presentation

In addition to the report, you should expect to give a brief report of the status of your project to the class on the last day.