The objective of this write-up is to give you some ideas for projects; to discuss some of the requirements; and to review the deliverables.


The project is worth 35% of your final grade. The specific deliverables, which are taken from the web page are: Each of these are described in more detail below.

Project Examples

The following is a list of examples that I thought might be interesting projects. At least some of the projects are brand new. That then means that some are not new. A "not new" project, while less interesting to the rest of the world, may be interesting to you because it is a problem you would like the experience of building. All of these projects include a wide range of potential complexity. In many case, to do the project "right" will require more than a month to complete. In this case, plan on completing a significant piece that can stand on its own. Half-completed or half-working "super-projects" will earn very little credit unless it is clearly stated how what you have completed fits into a larger project. This "incremental project" idea only works if you convince us you plan to continue working on this project beyond this quarter.

The list of projects includes:

Again, just realize that a month is an awful short period of time to develop an idea, do the development, write a 6 page paper, and prepare a presentation! The more work you can do sooner, the less stress you will create for you and your team members.
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