MAT 201B -- Media Networks and Services
Homework Assignment #1
Due in Class on Thursday 10/28/99

Assignment Overview

You are given three files. These have been tested and verified to work. The three (plus one extra credit) parts of this assignment are:

Assignment Details

The first part is likely to be the most vague part of the assignment. The idea is that since I've given you the code for doing the UDP echo server and verified that it compiles correctly, there isn't much left to do. Therefore, the goal of this part of the assignment is to get you to understand what each step of the code does. To a certain extent we did this in class, but doing it will give you additional experience and understanding. As a result, this part of the assignment asks you to do two things: (1) report questions/answers you generated while experimenting with this code, and (2) modify the code to provide some additional functionality and then document what you've done and why. The hardest part is always the first part. The additional components of the assignment are relatively straightforward and should follow closely from the first.

Assignment Turnin

You should turn in a hard copy of all files and any written answers.

Assignment Grading

In addition for correctness, points will be given based on how well code is written and documented. NOTE: good code/documentation does not imply that more or less is better. The goal is to be efficient, elegant and succinct!