CS 276: Distributed Computing and Computer Networks
Spring 2000

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Num Date  Lecture Topic Reading
01 Apr 03 Class Overview, Project Description, Research None
02 Apr 05 Routing Class Handouts
IP Routing White Paper  by Microsoft [OPTIONAL]
03 Apr 10 Internet Performance End-to-End Routing Behavior in the Internet, Paxson, IEEE/ACM Trans on Networking, Oct 1997

TCP Vegas: End to End Congestion Avoidance on a Global Internet, Brakmo/Peterson, IEEE JSAC, October 1995 [OPTIONAL].
04 Apr 12 Internet Growth An Analysis of Internet Inter-Domain Topology and Route Stability, Govindan/Reddy, Infocom 1997.

Trends in Wide Area IP Traffic Patterns, McCreary/Claffy [OPTIONAL]
05 Apr 17 ns: network simulator Why We Dont Know How To Simulate Internet, Paxson/Floyd, LBNL, 1997.
ns: network simulator
06 Apr 19 HTTP Performance Analysis of HTTP Performance, Touch/Heidemann/Obraczka, ISI, August 1996.

Modeling the Performance of HTTP Over Several Transport Protocols, Heidemann/Obraczka/Touch, ISI June 1997 [OPTIONAL].
07 Apr 24 Active Networking

Towards an Active Network Architecture, Tennenhouse/Wetherall.

Random Early Detection Gateways for Congestion Avoidance, Floyd/Jacobson, IEEE/ACM Trans on Networking, Aug 1993.
08 Apr 26 QoS -- Diffserv and MPLS Diffserv and MPLS: A Quality Choice

MPLS and the Evolving Internet Architecture, Li, IEEE Communications, Dec 1999.

MPLS and Traffic Engineeering in IP Networks, Awduche, IEEE Communications, Dec 1999 [OPTIONAL].
09 May 01 Streaming Media Techniques Techiques for Packet Voice Synchronization, Montgomery, IEEE Communications, 1983.

Packetize Video - Options for Interaction between the User, the Network and the Codec, Wakeman, Computer Journal, 1993 [OPTIONAL].
10 May 03 Multimedia Encoding Schemes

IP Telephony
Image and Video Coding Standards, Avarind et al., AT&T Technical Journal, Jan 1993

Internet Telephony: Architecture and Protocols, an IETF Perspective, Schulzrinne/Rosenberg, Jul 1998.
11 May 08 UDP Congestion Control
Multicast Routing
RAP: An End-to-End Rate-based Congestion, Rejaie/Handley/Estrin, Infocom 99, March 1999.

The Evolution of Multicast: From the MBone to Inter-Domain Multicast to Internet2 Deployment Almeroth, IEEE Network, January 2000.
** May 10 No Class  
12 May 15 Multicast Routing (cont)
Multicast Applications
HIP - a protocol for hierarchical multicast routing, Shields/Garcia-Luna, Computer Communications, March 15, 2000.

IP Multicast Applications:Challenges and Solutions, Quinn/Almeroth, IETF Draft, June 99.
13 May 17 Homework #3 Overview  
14 May 22 Reliable Multicast Reliable Multicast Transport Building Blocks for One-to-Many Bulk-Data Transfer, Whetten/Vicisano/Kermode/Handley/Floyd/Luby, IETF Internet Draft, Mar 2000.

PGM Reliable Transport Protocol Specification, Speakman, et al, IETF Internet Draft, Apr 2000.
15 May 24 MPLS, Part II

Inter-Domain Multicast Routing
MPLS: The Magic Behind the Myths, Armitage, IEEE Communications, Jan 2000.

The Evolution of Multicast (Same as May 8th)
** May 29 Holiday  
16 May 31 Wireless Routing A Review of Current Routing Protocols for Ad-Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks, Royer/Toh, IEEE Personal Communications, April 1999.
17 Jun 05 WWW Caching Techniques A Survey of Web Caching Schemes for the Internet, Wang, ACM CCR, Oct 1999.
18 Jun 07 Final Exam