CS176A - Introduction to Computer Communication Networks
Homework Assignment #4
Due By June 1st, 2005 at 11:59pm

Assignment Overview

Like HW#3, the goal of this assignment is also to help you understand what is going on in the network by examining exactly what flows across a hop in the network. The traffic file is the same as used in the HW#3. However, the focus of HW#4 is on the Transport and Application layers. You are expected to discover as much high-level information as possible.

Assignment Details

The goal of this assignment is to examine real protocols in use and understand the communication that takes place in a network by examining the bits that flow across a network hop. For this assignment, you should focus on the higher level protocols, i.e. pay more attention to the Transport and Application layers. The instructions for this homework assignment are identical to the instructions for HW#3. Clearly, you should refer to those instructions to refresh your understanding of the guidelines and requirements. The one difference is of course the focus of your investigation. Like HW#3, we have provided a set of questions to help guide you in the direction of the material that should be covered in the write-up. Questions include the following:

Assignment Turnin

This assignment is due by June 1st at 11:59pm. Late submissions will not be accepted.

The assignment should be submitted using the course web site. The preferred file format is HTML or PDF. Because the web site only allows one file to be submitted, if you have multiple files (which you probably should not have), you should use a commonly available (tar or zip) to combine your files into a single file.