CS 176B -- Network Computing
Homework Assignment #2
Due by 11:59pm on Thursday, February 1, 2001

Assignment Overview

You are to write both a client and server that implement an application-layer protocol on top of UDP. The purpose of the client/server is for the client to send text messages and have the server echo the reverse of those messages. The purpose of the application-layer protocol is relatively arbitrary, but it provides sequence numbers and a packet type field that together implement the following functionality:

Assignment Details

What to Turn In

You should turn in the source code for the 2 programs (2 and only 2: client.c and server.c) you wrote. (There is no hard copy turnin for this assignment.)

Be sure to include a brief comment section at the beginning of these two programs that includes your name, program name, etc.

Finally, it is highly recommended that if you copied code from some reference that you include a note giving full credit to the author of the original code, and where you obtained that code.

To turn in assignments, use the following command from the Computer Science CSIL lab:

NOTE: The final "hw2" is the local directory containing the two files client.c and server.c.