CS 290i: Networking for Multimedia Applications

Instructor: Kevin Almeroth

E-mail: almeroth@cs.ucsb.edu

Class Details:


This course is designed with two purposes: (1) examine the most recent literature addressing issues related to the delivery of multimedia data through the Internet (primarily via IP), and (2) develop skills and experiences building network-based multimedia systems. The class will be organized around a reading list of recent papers and around as-needed discussions about designing and prototyping network-based multimedia tools.

Expected student contributions include two parts: (1) critical reading and class presentation of a paper in the reading list, and (2) design and implementation of some significant software system. Both of these components will be done in teams. Grading will be based on the project, presentation, and involvement in discussions.

Topics include: delivery of multimedia data (the Real Time Protocol and the Resource Reservation Protocol); scalable delivery of data (foundations of multicast and protocols); the existing effort to develop Internet-based multimedia tools (MBone tools and technology); encoding schemes (H.261, JPEG, MPEG); existing and future applications based on recent research.