CS 290i -- Networking for Multimedia Systems

Winter 1998

Course Information

Professor Information

Kevin Almeroth
Office 2113, Engineering I
E-mail: almeroth@cs.ucsb.edu
Phone: 893-2777
Office Hours: By appointment and/or just stop by.

Teaching Assistant Information

We have no official TA as of yet, though this may change. Stay tuned for more info.

Student Evaluation

Group Project.

Since the group project totals 70% of your final grade, let me say something about how the 70% breaks down.

Homework and Tests.

There are none. Enough said.

Course Objectives

The goal for this class is to explore ``applied research''. This course is designed to give you hands on experience in building a significant piece of software while exploring the related research issues.

Reading List

MBone Tools and Operation

Scalable Video-on-Demand

Multicast Communication/Protocols

Internet Related Multicast Protocols

MBone Monitoring and Debugging

Data and WWW Page Delivery via Multicast

Internet Audio/Video Servers

Misc. Multimedia Papers

Project Information

The project is going to be very open-ended and can cover a range of topics. There are however a few requirements. These include:

My original goal was to use the new Networking and Multimedia Systems Lab (NMSL) for all the projects, but this may prove difficult since there are so many groups and there are only 5 machines in the NMSL. However, the NMSL has equipment that cannot be found in other labs. We will have to decide if we can manage the lab so that everyone can use it.

And finally, let me say a word about what the projects should be about. Basically, I'm looking for a relatively polished prototype of a system that relies heavily on networking to provide some sort of multimedia-based service. This is very open-ended so you have lots of freedom. If I were to do this project, I would do something like a video server or an Internet telephone, or some Internet-based service. I would choose one of these only because this is were my expertise is. Projects in any research domain, as long as it is uses the network in some significant way, would be appropriate.