Amr El Abbadi, Professor

Room 3115, Engineering I
Department of Computer Science

University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5110

Telephone:(805) 893-4239
Main CS phone:(805) 893-4321
Fax:(805) 893-8553

Research Laboratory (Dstributed Systems Laboratory)

Ph.D., Cornell University

Research interests: My research interests are in the fields of fault-tolerant distributed systems and databases. I have designed several protocols for highly available fault-tolerant systems and have also been involved in designing systems and database support for geographic information systems and collaborative environments. Recently, I have been especially interested in exploring efficient ways for retrieving data in a distributed library as well as content-based searching using multi-dimensional index structures. I am currently involved in several research projects including Alexandria for building a distributed digital library (not to be confused with the ancient library of Alexandria ), an NSF sponsered data summarization project Yangtze , and an NSF sponser project on leveraging advanced hardware for data stream managment Hardware .

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