CS 595 - Automated Verification of Infinite State Systems

Fall 1999

Seminar Anouncement

Automated verification techniques such as model checking had some success in finding errors in hardware protocols and software specifications. Given a transition system and a temporal property, model checking procedures efficiently search the state space of the input transition system to find out if it satisfies the given temporal property. One limitation of existing model checking tools is their inability to deal with infinite state systems-- even those with a single unbounded integer. Recently, there have been promising results which address this problem. In general model checking for infinite state systems is undecidable. However, by restricting the types of properties or the transition systems that can be verified, it is possible to obtain decidable (and more importantly tractable) subclasses of the general verification problem. In this seminar we will discuss the recent results in this direction and their possible extensions and applications.


Wednesdays 1:30pm-3:00pm, CS conference room (Eng I 2114)