CS 595 - Web Services


The emerging paradigm of electronic services promises to bring to distributed computation and services the flexibility that the web has brought to the sharing of documents. An understanding of fundamental properties of e-service composition is required in order to take full advantage of the paradigm. There are a variety of research topics including behavioral service signatures, verification and synthesis techniques for composite services, analysis of service data manipulation commands, and XML analysis applied to service specifications. In this seminar we will discuss proposals, standards, and research results concerning e-services.


Tevfik Bultan and Jianwen Su

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Meeting time and place

1:00PM, Thursdays, CS conference room


  1. April 10, Jianwen Su
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  2. April 17, Ying Yan
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  3. April 24, Xiang Fu
    Model Checking Conversation Protocols
  4. May 8, Stacy E. Patterson
    Java Message Service (JMS)
  5. May 15, Constantinos Bartzis
  6. May 22, Xiang Fu
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  7. May 29
    Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
  8. June 5, Ozgur Sahin
    XL: An XML Programming Language for Web Service Specification and Composition

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