CS 595C
Automated Decision Procedures
Winter 2013


There has been significant progress in automated decision procedures during the last decade. Satisfiability-Modula-Theories (SMT)-solvers, which combine multiple decision procedures, have been successfully used in solving problems in a variety of domains including program analysis, testing, software verification, formal methods, computer security, program synthesis, and electronic design automation. In this seminar, we will discuss the basic algorithms used in modern SMT-solvers.

Each week, we will discuss one of the chapters from the following book:
Decision Procedures: An Algorithmic Point of View
Daniel Kroening, Ofer Strichman

There is also a website by the authors that contains supplementary materials such as lecture notes and extra reading.

Organizational Meeting: Wednesday, January 9th at 1:00pm in HFH 1152.

Instructors: Jo Atlee and Tevfik Bultan
Meeting time: Wednesdays, 1:00pm
Location: HFH 1152
Enrollment Code: 75119
Units: This will be a 2 unit seminar

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