Neptune: A Domain Specific Language for Deploying HPC Software on Cloud Platform

C. Bunch, N. Chohan, C. Krintz, and K. Shams (JPL)

ScienceCloud 2011



In this paper, we present the design and implementation of Neptune, a domain specific language (DSL) that automates configuration and deployment of existing HPC software via cloud computing platforms. We integrate Neptune into a popular, open-source cloud platform, and extend the platform with support for user-level and automated placement of cloud services and HPC components. Such platform integration of Neptune facilitates hybrid-cloud application execution as well as portability across disparate cloud fabrics. Supporting additional cloud fabrics through a single interface enables high throughput computing (HTC) to be achieved by users who do not necessarily own grid-level resources but do have access to otherwise independent cloud technologies.

We evaluate Neptune using different applications that employ a wide range of popular HPC packages for their implementation including MPI, X10, MapReduce, DFSP, and dwSSA. In addition, we show how Neptune can be extended to support other HPC software and application domains, and thus be used as a mechanism for many task computing (MTC).