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More Publications

  • PeriScope: An Effective Probing and Fuzzing Framework for the Hardware-OS Boundary (NDSS 2019)

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  • DR. CHECKER: A Soundy Analysis for Linux Kernel Drivers (USENIX 2017)

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  • BOOMERANG: Exploiting the Semantic Gap in Trusted Execution Environments (NDSS 2017)

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  • SoK: Privacy on Mobile Devices – It’s Complicated (PETS 2016)

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  • Towards Transparent Introspection (SANER 2016)

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  • LO-PHI: Low-Observable Physical Host Instrumentation for Malware Analysis (NDSS 2016)

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  • Using Open-source Hardware to Support Disadvantaged Communications (GHTC 2015)

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  • Live Disk Forensics on Bare Metal (OSDFCon 2014)

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  • Discovering Access-control Misconfigurations: New Approaches and Evaluation Methodologies (CODASPY 2012)

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  • Practical Misconfiguration Identification in Access-Control Systems (Master’s Thesis 2010)

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My Projects


    Demonstrates a class of vulnerabilities that stem from TrustZone usage on modern mobile phones.

  • Allthenticate

    A ubiquitous authentication framework that removes the need for passwords, pins, and physical keys by leveraging smart phones.


    A low-cost, scalable system that creates a wide-area, best-effort, ad-hoc wireless network for disaster relief.

  • LL-Fuzzer

    An automated NFC fuzzing framework for Android devices.

  • LL-Smartcard

    A Python module for interacting with smart cards.

  • LO-PHI

    Low-Observable Physical Host Instrumentation: A suite of tools supporting introspection and semantic gap reconstruction for both physical and virtual machines.

  • Turing Machine

    A Turing Machine built by MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Community Charter School of Cambridge.


I am currently an instructor at Terrific Scientific where I teach the Master Robotics course (Grades 4-6), which uses Lego’s EV3 robots.

Previous courses that I have taught while at the University of California, Santa Barbara include: