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Toward the Analysis of Embedded Firmware through Automated Re-hosting


Evolutionary Computation for Improving Malware Analysis

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PeriScope: An Effective Probing and Fuzzing Framework for the Hardware-OS Boundary

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Systems and Methods for Single Device Authentication

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DR. CHECKER: A Soundy Analysis for Linux Kernel Drivers

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BOOMERANG: Exploiting the Semantic Gap in Trusted Execution Environments

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SoK: Privacy on Mobile Devices – It’s Complicated

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Towards Transparent Introspection

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LO-PHI: Low-Observable Physical Host Instrumentation for Malware Analysis

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Using Open-source Hardware to Support Disadvantaged Communications

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Live Disk Forensics on Bare Metal

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Discovering Access-control Misconfigurations: New Approaches and Evaluation Methodologies

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Practical Misconfiguration Identification in Access-Control Systems

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Making peer-assisted content distribution robust to collusion using bandwidth puzzles

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