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Participate in the UCSB ICPC Local Contest!

When? Sunday October 15, 9:30-15:30

Where? CSIL Lab (Harold Frank Hall 1138)

Who can join? Everyone who wants can participate! But only teams consisting of current UCSB students (started undergraduate studies in 2019 or later OR born in 2000 or later) will qualify for regionals

How to register and participate?

Step 1: Find teammates! Participation is in teams of up to 3 students. Teams of 2 and individual participants are very welcome, nevertheless we encourage people to team up in groups of 3 as that makes it more fun and likely increases your winning chances

Step 2: Make user accounts at open.kattis.com for each of the participants on your team (if you already have a user skip this step! Accounts on ucsb.kattis.com should also work on open.kattis.com)

Step 3: Go through the registration process here before the deadline: Wednesday October 11th at midnight! Register early - if we run out of space ICPC eligible UCSB teams and teams who registered first will be prioritized.

Step 4: Show up at the contest location at 9:30 on Sunday 15th with at least one laptop per team, as well as pen and paper! Check this website periodically for updates.

Step 5: Join the ICPC @ UCSB Discord server to discuss logistics, problems, how to prepare etc. with current and past participants. Also - if you want to participate, but don't have teammates the Discord server is a good resource for finding a team!

Find contest schedule, rules, and helpful tips in the Detailed Contest Info