Daniel Lokshtanov


I am currently not looking for postdocs.

Prospective PhD students

I am currently not looking for more graduate students - the ones I already have admitted deserve a fair share of my attention.

Prospective MS students

If you are already at UCSB and interested in doing thesis research supervised by me, contact me for a meeting! If you are applying to the MS program feel free to indicate me as a faculty interest, and Algorithms and Theory as a topic of interest. Note that admission to the MS program does not in any way guarantee a thesis advisor in your area of interest.

Undergraduate Research

I usually do not supervise students for undergraduate research. I might make exceptions if I am sufficiently impressed. The best way to impress me is to take a class that I am teaching and do amazingly well.


I do not take research interns, there is no need to contact me regarding the possibility of internships.