Daniel Lokshtanov


I am currently not looking for postdocs.

Prospective PhD students

I am looking for motivated graduate students! The application to the UCSB graduate program in CS is centralized, with a new application deadline in the fall quarter. There is no need to contact me to ask whether graduate student positions in my lab exist (currently they do!), or whether I am willing to accept your application outside the regular application cycle (I am neither able nor willing to do this). The only exception is if you are already a student at UCSB, in that case contact me for a meeting! In all other cases, when you fill out the application, indicate me as a faculty interest, and Algorithms and Theory as a topic of interest. This ensures that I will review your application. If you are particularly interested in UCSB or doing a PhD with me, contact me around the time of your application. Note to applicants from outside of the US: to apply to the PhD program here you do not need to already have a Master degree, a Bachelor degree is sufficient. However, evidence of being able to do relevant research (such as a strong MS thesis or a published paper in a reputable venue on algoritms, complexity or discrete mathematics) greatly increases your chances. If you have any questions apart from the ones answered above, feel free to contact me!

Prospective MS students

If you are already at UCSB and interested in doing thesis research supervised by me, contact me for a meeting! If you are applying to the MS program feel free to indicate me as a faculty interest, and Algorithms and Theory as a topic of interest. Note that admission to the MS program does not in any way guarantee a thesis advisor in your area of interest.

Undergraduate Research

I usually do not supervise students for undergraduate research. I might make exceptions if I am sufficiently impressed. The best way to impress me is to take a class that I am teaching and do amazingly well.


I do not take research interns, there is no need to contact me regarding the possibility of internships.