Uppdansning in Sweden 2011

Polskmärket is the annual medal testing event for Swedish polskdans. Entrants "dance up" through a sequence of levels, before a committee of judges, not in competition with other dancers but in comparison with the established standard of the traditional dances. The medal for the first year's uppdansning is bronze; after passing five levels, a dancer wins the "big silver" medal.

Ilse and John danced up for their bronze medals in summer 2011. We practiced all spring, trained at a workshop in Furudals bruk the week before the event, and finally danced up in Brunnsvik in August.

All of it was wonderful. We'll be back.

Grilling korv after a day's practice at Furudals bruk

Training workshop at Furudals bruk

Training workshop at Furudals bruk

Uppdansning: Ready to go

Uppdansning: Polska från Bingsjö

Uppdansning: Hambo och bakmes från Hede, Backmans variant

Heart medallion from Karstula

Happy dancers

Bronze medal