Base Station Router

A Decentralized Infrastructure for All IP Cellular Networks

An IP-based radio access network akin to the Internet is likely to be the most favorable approach for future radio access networks. While it is possible to consider IP transport within the centralized architecture in the current generation of cellular networks, a distributed architecture with decentralized control provides improved scalability, flexibility, reliability, fault-tolerance, convenience in introducing new services and ease in integration of multiple networks. We proposed a network architecture consisting of inter-connecting base station routers (BSRs), to replace the hierarchical structure consisting of a set of radio network controller; each manages a large number of base stations. Radio resource control functionalities which are performed by radio network controller in centralized architecture are distributed to each BSR.

Distributed Radio Link Control Protocol in an All-IP Cellular Network
IEEE Vehicle Technology Conference (VTC), Fall, 2005.
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  • Suman Das,Thierry E. Klein, Kin K. Leung, Sayandev Mukherjee, George E. Rittenhouse, Sam Samuel, Harish Viswanathan, Haitao Zheng

Haitao Zheng, April 16, 2005