Complete UDP

Improving UDP for Wireless Multimedia

While multimedia data can tolerant certain level of errors, existing MAC, IP, UDP protocol designs do not forward any corrupted packets to application layers. This limits the ability of using application level error protection coding to recover lost packets. While error detection is performed at both MAC, IP and UDP layers, and MAC frames are in general much shorter than IP/UDP packets, and are of fixed length, results of error detection at MAC layer provides a relatively concrete indication of error locations. We design the system to facilitate passing error location information to application layers. The application uses the embedded link layer information that reflects the usefulness of each received information to recover corrupted packets effectively. This example clearly demonstrates the benefits from rich information exchange among multiple layers, which is fairly simple to implement in real system.

Packetization Scheme for MPEG Video over Wireless
Haitao Zheng, Jill Boyce
IEEE Wireless and Communications and Networking Conference(WCNC), Chicago, IL. Sept. 2000, no.1, pp. 191-195 (invited paper).
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An Improved UDP Protocol for Video Transmission over Internet-to-Wireless Networks
Haitao Zheng, Jill Boyce
IEEE Trans. On Multimedia, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 356-365, Sept. 2001.
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On the Performance of H.263 Video over Multiple Antenna Systems
Haitao Zheng, Dragan Samardzija
IEEE International Conf. on Vehicle Technology (VTC), Atlantic City, NJ. Oct. 2001.
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Streaming Video over Wireless Networks
Haitao Zheng, Jill Boyce
Wireless Internet Handbook, Technologies, Standards, and Applications, B. Furht, M. Ilyas, ed., CRC press, pp. 105-126, 2003
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