Cognitive Software-Radio Enabled Fair Spectrum Access in Open Spectrum Systems

Collaboration and Fairness in Opportunistic Spectrum Access
Haitao Zheng, Chunyi Peng
IEEE International Conference on Communications(ICC)2005
Korea, May,2005
Also as MSR Technical Report, Feb. 2005

The Open Spectrum approach to spectrum access can achieve near-optimal spectrum utilization by letting users sense and utilize available spectrum opportunistically. However, naive spectrum assignment can lead to significant interference. We propose a network controlled spectrum access scheme where users behave collaboratively to optimize spectrum allocation for the entire network. We develop a graph-theoretical model to characterize the spectrum access problem under a number of different optimization functions, and devise rules for users to utilize available spectrum while avoiding interference with its neighbors. Experimental results confirm that user collaboration yields significant benefits (as much as 50% improvement) in opportunistic spectrum access.

Haitao Zheng, April 16, 2005