Any student who wishes to TA in the Computer Science department must sign up and attend CMPSC 501 in the fall quarter. CMPSC 501 is a seminar taught by the department's lead TA which will provide you with the necessary training to become an awesome TA, or so we hope :)

We will meet every Wednesday at 5pm PST. Attendance is mandatory.

Other Requirements

Every TA who is leading a discussion section is required to meet the videotaping requirement. Basically, you will need to schedule an appointment with the office of instructional development and get your session videotaped.

The lead TA also conducts the TA mid-quarter evaluation. Please share the survey link with the class you are TAing.

A few tips for your first section

  • Be prepared for teaching remotely! Make sure you have the equipments/tools ready. You can check this website to learn about Zoom for instruction. More information can be found in the UCSB TA Handbook for Online Teaching.
  • Prepare the contents for your section beforehand.
  • A few tips:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Get to know the students
    • In front of your students, always refer to the faculty as Prof. and their last name, not by their first names, even if you know them personally.
    • Be confident, you're awesome.

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