Welcome to Ted Jensen's Tutorial on
Pointers and Arrays in C

Version 1.2

Last Updated in Feb. 2001
(See Notes at bottom of this page.)

This tutorial covers the basics of using pointers and arrays in the C programming language.

The tutorial takes up about a dozen web pages. The printed version from either your browser or the text file is going to run around 2500 lines. (About 50 pages at 55 lines/page).

If you have questions or comments you can email me at tjensen@ix.netcom.com.

Notes regarding latest revision 1.2:  Feb. 2002

I still program using an MS-DOS 16 bit command line compiler.  Victor Volkman of http://www.hal9k.com/cug was kind enough to point out that most PC compilers today are 32 bit systems and as a result sizeof(int) is different on these systems.  This version assumes a 32 bit system when discussing sizeof(int).  This is made clear in Chapter 1.

I've no longer offer a plain text version of the tutorial.  If you feel this is a must, please contact me.