CS8, 10F, E01, Midterm Exam 1, 10/12/2010

P. Conrad, UCSB Dept. of Computer Science

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The actual exam in html and pdf formats

Information below this line was provided to students before the exam to help them prepare

What is Covered

Exams from Previous Quarters

NOTE: Keep in mind that the pace, order of topics and placement of exams earlier or later in the course may affect exactly what is covered on the first and second midterms in any given quarter. So, there may be questions on previous quarters exams that cover material we have not yet covered---or there may be material we have covered that doesn't show up on any of these prior quarter exams. So use these exams as an idea of what types of questions I tend to ask on exams, rather than as an exact guide to what will be covered.

I can tell you right now: the exam from 10M is much easier than the exam you should expect, so don't look at that one and get over-confident. Meanwhile the actual exam and practice exams from 09M may cover a few things we haven't gotten to yet, so don't look at that one and freak out---but those are close to what I expect to give you next Tuesday.