Conference Presentations (without Conference Proceedings) Publications

Interconnecting Rectangular Areas by Corridors and Tours (with A. Gonzalez), Proceedings of the SIEEEM, Monterrey, Oct. 2008.

Message Dissemination Under the Multicasting Communication Mode, Keynote Address, 8th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies, PDCAT'07, pp. 3 -- 4, 2007.

A Computationally Intractable Problem of Simplicial Complexes, (with O. Egecioglu), 6th International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics (FPSAC/SFCA '94), DIMACS, May 1994. Also in Seventh SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics, Albuquerque NM, June 22--25, 1994.

The Role of Computers and Computer Science in the Curricula of Contemporary Universities, Keynote Address, Computer Applications in Higher Education Conference, University of Queretaro, August 1993.

Approximation Algorithms, Keynote Address, Ninth International Conference On Systems Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 1993.

Complexity of Data Compression for Colored Maps, (with H. Bodlaender and T. Kloks), ALCOM Workshop on Data Structures, Graph Algorithms, and Computational Complexity, Berlin, Germany, October 1990.

Area Bound for the Three--Layer Wirings of a Class of Planar Layouts, (with S. Q. Zheng), Twentieth Southeastern Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing, February 1989.

An Efficient Algorithm to Minimize the Number of Layers for Single Row Routing Problems with Fixed Street Capacity, (with K. G. Shashishekhar), IEEE Physical Design Conference, March 1986.

Optimal and Near--Optimal Routing Around a Rectangle, (with S. L. Lee), ORSA/TIMS National Joint Meeting, Dallas Texas, November 1984.

Preemptive Scheduling of Parallel Processors, ORSA/TIMS Joint National Meeting, Houston Texas, October 1981.

Minimizing the Average Flow Time on Open Shops, XXIV International Meeting of the Institute of Management Science, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 1979.

On Flowshop and Jobshop Schedules, (with S. Sahni), ORSA/TIMS Special Interest Conference on Scheduling, Orlando Florida, February 1976.