CS 240A: Applied Parallel Computing

Fall Quarter, 2017

  • Class schedule: Tuesday/Thursday. 1:00pm-2:50pm Phelp 2510

  • Instructor: Tao Yang (tyang at cs). Office Hours: Tuesday 12-1 and Thursday after CS240A class (or email me for appointments or just stop by my office). HFH building, Room 5113

This course covers high-performance parallel/distributed computing systems and applications on modern computers. Topics include
  • High performance computing and memory hierarchy.
  • Parallel architecture and clusters.
  • Patterns of parallelism and program transformation.
  • Parallel and distributed programming. Threads, OpenMP, MPI, and MapReduce/Spark.
  • Parallel algorithms for numerical computing, data mining, and search.
  • Performance and parallelism in Internet systems. High throughput computing.
We will cover basic concepts and study recent technical papers in these areas. The expected work includes a class project/presentation, homework assignments, and an exam (most likely take-home).

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