Winter 2017 CS293S: Information Retrieval and Web Search

Code: 53355 Time: MW 1-2:50pm Location: Phelps 2510


Tao Yang
Engr Building I Room 5113
Department of Computer Science, UCSB
Email: tyang@cs
Office Hours: Before and after class (MW 12:30-1pm and 2:50-3:20pm. You may stop by Room 5113 anytime)

This course covers advanced topics on information retrieval, web search, and related scalable information systems. The topics include search engines and advertisements, web crawling, classification, indexing and data serving, ranking and recommendation, user behavior analysis, and online services. This course will also cover system and middleware support for building related large-scale Internet services.


Expected Work:

Project/review presentation. Homework assignments. Take-home exams.

Weekly Schedule:

Tentative schedule