Quantum Computation at UCSB

Quantum Computing groups at UCSB:

A list of people and groups working on quantum computation at UC Santa Barbara:

Regular Quantum Computing Events at UCSB:

Selected Upcoming Events in 2006:

Jan 16-20 QIP 2006 (Paris, France)
Feb 21 - May 19 Program on Topological Phases and Quantum Computation (KITP, Santa Barbara, CA)
Mar 13 - Jun 23Program on Spintronics (KITP, Santa Barbara, CA)
March 25 Nanoscience and Quantum Computing (Teachers' Conference) (KITP, Santa Barbara, CA)
May 21-23 STOC 2006 (Seattle, WA)
May 24-26 PQCrypto 2006: International Workshop on Post-Quantum Cryptography (Leuven, Belgium)
June 12-23 School and Workshop on Theory and Technology in Quantum Information, Communication, Computation and Cryptography (ICTP, Triest, Italy)
July 16-20 Computational Complexity Conference 2006 (Prague, Czech Republic)
July 23-28 ANTS VII: Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (Berlin, Germany)
July 25-26 Q.A. Review Meeting (San Diego, CA)
August 7-11Sixth Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information (Calgary, Canada)
August 14-18Quantum Information Students' Conference 2006 (Calgary, Canada)

Selected Past Events:

Dec 7-9, 2004 Workshop on Quantum Algorithms for Signal, Image, and Data Processing (San Diego, CA)
Jan 13-17, 2005 QIP 2005 at MIT (Cambridge, MA)
Feb 20-22, 2005 7th Annual SQuInT Workshop (Tucson, AZ)
Mar 14-18, 2005 Pseudo-Random Unitary Operators for Quantum Information Processing (Bellairs Research Institute, Barbados)
April 16-17, 2005 AMS Western Section Meeting (Santa Barbara, CA)
June 12-15, 2005 IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity (San Jose, CA)
Aug 14-18, 2005 CRYPTO 2005 (Santa Barbara, CA)
Aug 26-30, 2005 EQIS 2005: Erato Conference on Quantum Information Science 2005 (Tokyo)
Oct 23-25, 2005 FOCS 2005 (Pittsburgh, PA)

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