Veronika Strnadova-Neeley

Assistant Professor at Montana State University

Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara

Email: veronika.neeley at montana dot edu
Office: Barnard Hall 351, Montana State University

Here is a link to my new web page

Here is a link to my old UCSB lab web page


I am honored to receive the 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the Computer Science Department at UCSB!

I successfully defended my thesis on May 31, 2018!

I will be joining the Gianforte School of Computing at Montana State University as an assistant professor. I'm excited to start in August 2018, and I am recruiting Ph.D students! If you are a prospective Ph.D. student interested in working in my lab, feel free to email me.


Broadly, I am interested in scalable clustering algorithms, graph algorithms, linear algebra and scientific computing. My thesis was on efficient clustering methods for large-scale, discrete-valued data with many missing values, and includes applications to both bioinformatics and recommender systems. At UCSB, I was a member of the CSC Lab, with adviser John Gilbert, and I completed my degree with a CSE Emphasis.


Characterizing Online Discussions in Microblogs Using Network Analysis. Veronika Strnadova, David Jurgens, Tsai-Ching Lu. In Proceedings of AAAI Spring Symposium Series. (2013)Slides

Efficient and Accurate Clustering for Large-Scale Genetic Mapping. Veronika Strnadova, Aydin Buluc, Jarrod Chapman, John R. Gilbert, Joseph Gonzalez, Stefanie Jegelka, Daniel Rokhsar, Leonid Oliker . Technical Report UCSB-CS-2013-10, UCSB CS Department, November 2013 Slides (form UCSB's GSWC 2013)

Efficient and Accurate Clustering for Large-Scale Genetic Mapping. Veronika Strnadova, Aydin Buluc, Jarrod Chapman, John R. Gilbert, Joseph Gonzalez, Stefanie Jegelka, Daniel Rokhsar, Leonid Oliker . In The IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM'14). Regular paper (19% acceptance). 2014 Paper Slides

A whole-genome shotgun approach for assembling and anchoring the hexaploid bread wheat genome. Jarrod A. Chapman, Martin Mascher, Aydin Buluc, Kerrie Barry, Evangelos Georganas, Adam Session, Veronika Strnadova, Jerry Jenkins, Sunish Sehgal, Leonid Oliker, Jeremy Schmutz, Katherine A. Yelick, Uwe Scholz, Robbie Waugh, Jesse A. Poland, Gary J. Muehlbauer, Nils Stein, Daniel Rokhsar. In Genome Biology, Vol. 16. 2015

Efficient Data Reduction for Large-Scale Genetic Mapping. Veronika Strnadova-Neeley, Aydin Buluc, Jarrod Chapman, John R. Gilbert, Joseph Gonzalez, Leonid Oliker. In the 6th ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (ACM-BCB15). Regular paper. 2015 Paper (PDF) Slides
  • Here are some slides from my short research presentation for the NSF Travel Award

  • LiRa: A New Likelihood-Based Similarity Score for Collaborative Filtering. Veronika Strnadova-Neeley, Aydin Buluc, John R. Gilbert, Leonid Oliker, Weimin Ouyang. In the LSRS16 Workshop for RecSys16. Paper

    Efficient Clustering for Large-Scale, Sparse, Discrete Data with Low Dimensional Intrinsic Structure. Veronika Strnadova-Neeley, supervised by John R. Gilbert. Accepted for regular presentation at the VLDB 2017 Ph.D. workshop. Paper Slides

    Teaching Experience

    Associate in Teaching (lead instructor for course) for CS140: Parallel Scientific Computing, Winter 2018 at UCSB

    Instructor of Record for CS8:Introduction to Computer Science in Session A of Summer 2015 at UCSB

    Teaching Assistant, CS240A, Applied Parallel Computing, Winter 2014

    Lecture on Spectral Clustering for SIAM Seminar on Top Algorithms in Computational Science, Fall 2014 Slides

    Teaching Assistant, CS111, Introduction to Computational Science, Fall 2011


    B.S. in Applied Mathematics, summa cum laude, University of New Mexico
    M.S. in Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of California, Santa Barbara

    I took my Major Area Exam (MAE) on Clustering at Large Scales in January 2014. Here are my MAE slides. Here is my MAE Page.

    Graduate Courses Taken at UCSB (Course Number, Grade)

    Logic in Computer Science (CMPSC 209, A)
    Matrix Analysis (CMPSC 211A, A)
    Advanced Computer Architecture (CMPSC 254, A)
    Information Theory (CMPSC 225, A)
    Applied Parallel Computing (CMPSC 240A, A)
    Advanced Topics in Internet Search (CMPSC 290N, A)
    Partial Differential Equations I (MATH 215A, A)
    Partial Differential Equations II (MATH 215B, A)
    Numerical Simulation (CMPSC 211B, A+)
    Sparse Matrix Algorithms (CMPSC 219, A+)
    Finite Difference Methods (CMPSC 211C, A)

    Graduate Courses Taken at UNM (Course Number, Grade)

    Theory of Computation (CS500, B+)
    Seminar: Theory and Algorithms (CS691, A+)

    Service, Outreach and Leadership Experience

    Committee Member, RecSys17 LSRS Workshop (2017)
    Organizing Committee Member, Panel Host, Graduate Student Workshop in Computing (GSWC) at the UCSB CS Summit (March 2016) 2016 CS Summit web page
    Reviewer for ACM IUI 2016
    M.I.T. EECS Rising Stars Workshop Participant (November 2015) Slides Workshop website
    President, CS Graduate Student Representatives (Fall 2015 - present)
    Diversity Committee Graduate Student Representative (Fall 2015 - present)
    UCSB CS Student Research Colloquium Organizing Committee (February 2015) Link to colloquium website
    Undergraduate Affairs Committee Graduate Student Representative (UCSB, Fall 2014-Spring 2015)
    Reviewer for Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
    GUIDES mentor (UCSB, Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)
    IGERT Network Science Associate (UCSB, Fall 2013 - present)
  • Here are some slides about the IGERT network science program, from my recruiting trip to UNM in November 2013
  • Women in Science and Engineering Mentorship Committee Member (2013-2014)
    Speaker, along with Saiph Savage at Goleta Valley Jr. High Career Day (Fall 2013) Slides
    Organizing Committee Member, UCSB CS Career Day (Spring 2013)
    After-school tutor, Goleta Valley Jr. High (Spring 2013)
    Women in Computer Science Co-President (UCSB, 2012-2013)
    Speaker, along with Morgan Vigil at Goleta Valley Jr. High Career Day (Fall 2012) Slides
    CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop (Spring 2012)
    Women in Computer Science Treasurer (UCSB, 2011-2012)
    Student-Athlete Mentor (UNM, Fall 2010)


    I love soccer.