CS165A: Artificial Intelligence (Winter 2022)


[Jan 7] No discussion session on Jan 7

Lecture Section: Tuesday/Thursday, 12:30- 1:45,   North Hall 1006 (the first two weeks virtual. check gauchospace for zoom info)
Lecture Slides: GauchoSpace

Discussion Session 1: Friday 1:00-1:50, PHELP 1445
Discussion Session 2: Friday 2:00- 2:50, PHELP 1440
Discussion Session 3: Friday 3:00- 3:50, PHELP 1440
Discussion Session 4: Friday 4:00- 4:50, PHELP 1444

Instructor Office Hour: Monday
12:00-1:00pm, Zoom/In person, Henley Hall 2017  (Zoom Link will be announced at GauchoSpace)

TA Office Hour   (Zoom Link was announced at GauchoSpace, Lecture 1 and Lecture 5)
TA Office Location: Trailer 936

Apoorva Jakalannanavar Halappa Manjula : Monday 4-5pm
Nagarjun Avaraddy:  Tuesday 3-4pm
Fahed Abudayyeh: Wed 2-3pm
Peter Boyland: Thursday 5-6pm

Q/A Room,  Assignments: Piazza http://piazza.com/ucsb/winter2022/cs165a  (access code will be announced at GauchoSpace)
Homework Submission: Gradescope

Machine Problem Submission: CSIL

Textbook: Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice Hall, Fourth Edition, 2020

Course Related Material