CS165B: Machine Learning (Spring 2023)



Instructor: Prof. Xifeng Yan
Lecture Section: Tuesday/Thursday, 12:30- 1:45pm,  NH 1006

Lecture Slides/Assignments: GauchoSpace

Discussion Session 1: Wed 3:00- 3:50 PHELP 1444
Discussion Session 2: Wed 4:00- 4:50 GIRV 2127
Discussion Session 3: Wed 5:00- 5:50 PHELP 1440

Instructor Office Hour: Tuesday 2:00
-2:50pm, HH 2017

TA: Eddie Zhang, ete@cs.ucsb.edu, Office Hour: Monday 3-4pm  (HH 1002)
TA: Zoey Song, zhenqiao@ucsb.edu, Office Hour: Tuesday 3-4pm (HH 2014)
TA: Danqing Wang, danqingwang@ucsb.edu, Office Hour: Thursday 5-6pm (HH 2014)

Q/A Room: Piazza http://piazza.com/ucsb/spring2023/cs165b
Homework/Exam Submission: Gradescope

Textbook: Machine Learning: The Art and Science of Algorithms that Make Sense of Data 1st Edition by Peter Flach

Course Related Material