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SOFTWARE - gSpan: Frequent Graph Mining Package

gSpan is a software package of mining frequent graphs in a graph database.  Given a collection of graphs and a minimum support threshold, gSpan is able to find all of the subgraphs whose frequency is above the threshold.  The details of gSpan can be found in the following papers,

  1. gSpan: Graph-Based Substructure Pattern Mining, by X. Yan and J. Han.
    Proc. 2002 of Int. Conf. on Data Mining (ICDM'02).  [pdf]
    Expanded Version, UIUC Technical Report, UIUCDCS-R-2002-2296 [pdf]
  2. CloseGraph: Mining Closed Frequent Graph Patterns, by X. Yan and J. Han.
    Proc. 2003 of Int. Conf. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD'03) . [pdf]


  1. Downloading is for internal research purpose only.  Redistribution and commercial usage are not permitted. 
  2. Use of the downloaded software is confined to performance test. For other interests, contact the authors.


  1. Feedback and application description are always welcome.
  2. Contact xyan[at)gmail.com for bugs and questions about gSpan.


gSpan: Frequent Graph Mining Package. (binary code, updated in Feb, 2009),  64-bit binary(linux).

The C++ source code for gSpan is available at gBoost.

The Java source code for gSpan is available at ParSeMiS - the Parallel and Sequential Mining Suite.

The C++ source code for Gaston (another frequent graph pattern mining) is available at Graph/Sequence/Tree extractiON Tool.