I am a Computer Science PhD recnetly graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I worked at the Systems, Algorithms, Networks, and Data Lab (a.k.a. SAND Lab), co-advised by Prof. Ben Y. Zhao and Prof. Heather Zheng, which now locates at the University of Chicago. I received my Bachelor degree from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2014, advised by Kia Bazargan. My research interests are in the areas of Wireless Systems and Networks, Remote Sensing, and Generative Modeling. I will join Google in late 2019.

Recent Updates

08/28/2019 Moved to Seattle, WA!
10/02/2017 Moved to Chicago, IL!
05/14/2017 Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!
03/2017 60GHz imaging paper accepted @ MobiSys'17!
01/2017 Happy New Year!

Contact Info

Email: zhuyanzi [at] gmail.com
GitHub: HappyZ
Personal Site: HappyZ.me