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Domain-Adversarial Multi-Task Framework for Novel Therapeutic Property Prediction of Compounds

Lingwei Xie, Song He, Zhongnan Zhang, Kunhui Lin, Xiaochen Bo, Shu Yang, Boyuan Feng, Kun Wan, Kang Yang, Jie Yang, Yufei Ding.

Chatter detection in high-speed milling processes based on ON-LSTM and PBT

Fei Shi, Hongrui Cao, Yuke Wang, Boyuan Feng, Yufei Ding.

Comprehensive SNN Compression Using ADMM Optimization and Activity Regularization

Lei Deng, Yujie Wu, Yifan Hu, Ling Liang, Guoqi Li, Xing Hu, Yufei Ding, Peng Li, Yuan Xie.

Effective and Efficient Batch Normalization Using Few Uncorrelated Data for Statistics Estimation

Zhaodong Chen, Lei Deng, Guoqi Li, Jiawei Sun, Ling Liang, Xing Hu, Yufei Ding, Yuan Xie.

Tianjic: A Unified and Scalable Chip Bridging Neuroscience and Deep Learning

Li Deng, Guanrui Wang, Guoqi Li, Shuangchen Li, Ling Liang, Maohua Zhu, Yujie Wu, Jing Pei, Zhenzhi Wu, Xing Hu, Yufei Ding, Wei He, Yuan Xie, Luping Shi.
[Neural Networks'19]

Rethinking the Performance Comparison between SNNs and ANNs

Lei Deng, Yujie Wu, Xing Hu, Ling Liang, Yufei Ding, Guoqi Li, Guangshe Zhao, Peng Li, Yuan Xie.

DASM: DAta-Streaming Based Computing in Non-Volatile Memory Architecture for Embedded System

Liang Chang, Xin Ma, Zhaohao Wang, Youguang Zhang, Yufei Ding, Weisheng Zhao, Yuan Xie


[Google scholar]

TiAcc: Triangle-inequality based Hardware Accelerator for K-means on FPGAs

[To appear]
Yuke Wang, Boyuan Feng, Gushu Li, Georgios Tzimpragos, Lei Deng, Yuan Xie, Yufei Ding.

DSXplore: Optimizing Convolutional Neural Networks via Sliding-Channel Convolution

[To appear]
Yuke Wang, Boyuan Feng, Yufei Ding.

EGEMM-TC: Accelerating Scientific Computing on Tensor Cores with Extended Precision

[To appear]
Boyuan Feng, Yuke Wang, Guoyang Chen, Weifeng Zhang, Yuan Xie, Yufei Ding.

UAG: Uncertainty-aware Attention Graph Neural Network for Defending Adversarial Attacks

[To appear]
Boyuan Feng, Yuke Wang, Yufei Ding.

SAGA: Sparse Adversarial Attack on EEG-based Brain Computer Interface

[To appear]
Boyuan Feng, Yuke Wang, Yufei Ding.

SGQuant: Squeezing the Last Bit on Graph Neural Networks with Specialized Quantization

[To appear]
Boyuan Feng*, Yuke Wang*, Xu Li, Shu Yang, Xueqiao Peng, Yufei Ding (the first two authors contribute equally).

Projection-based Runtime Assertions for Testing and Debugging Quantum Programs

[Distinguished Paper Award]
Gushu Li, Li Zhou, Nengkun Yu, Yufei Ding, Mingsheng Ying, Yuan Xie.

A Close Look at Multi-Tenant Parallel CNN Inference for Autonomous Driving

[To appear]
Yitong Huang, Yu Zhang, Boyuan Feng, Xing Guo, Yanyong Zhang, Yufei Ding

DUET: Boosting Deep Neural Network Efficiency on Dual-Module Architecture

[To appear]
Liu Liu, Zheng Qu, Lei Deng, Fengbin Tu, Shuangchen Li, Xing Hu, Zhenyu Gu, Yufei Ding, Yuan Xie.

Boosting Deep Neural Network Efficiency with Dual-Module Inference

[To appear]
Liu Liu, Lei Deng, Zhaodong Chen, Yuke Wang, Shuangchen Li, Jingwei Zhang, Yihua Yang, Zhenyu Gu, Xing Hu, Yufei Ding, Yuan Xie.

Eliminating Redundant Computation in Noisy Quantum Computing Simulation

[To appear]
Gushu Li, Yufei Ding, Yuan Xie.

iPIM: Programmable In-Memory Image Processing Accelerator Using Near-Bank Architecture

Peng Gu, Xinfeng Xie, Yufei Ding, Guoyang Chen, Weifeng Zhang, Dimin Niu, Yuan Xie.

Towards Efficient Superconducting Quantum Processor Architecture Design

Gushu Li, Yufei Ding, Yuan Xie.

DeepSniffer: a DNN Model Extraction Framework based on Learning Architectural Hints

Xing Hu, Ling Liang, Lei Deng, Shuangchen Li, Xinfeng Xie, Yu Ji, Yufei Ding, Chang Liu, Timothy Sherwood, Yuan Xie.

Weighted-Sampling Audio Adversarial Example Attack

Xiaolei Liu, Kun Wan, Yufei Ding, Xiaosong Zhang, Qingxin Zhu.

Reconciling Feature-Reuse and Overfitting in DenseNet with Specialized Dropout

Kun Wan, Shu Yang, Boyuan Feng, Lingwei Xie, Yufei Ding.
[FCCM'19 (Poster)]

KPynq: A Work-Efficient Triangle-Inequality based K-means on FPGA

Yuke Wang, Zhaorui Zeng, Boyuan Feng, Lei Deng, Yufei Ding.

Tackling the Qubit Mapping Problem for NISQ-Era Quantum Devices

Gushu Li, Yufei Ding, Yuan Xie.

Dynamic Sparse Graph for Efficient Deep Learning

Liu Liu, Lei Deng, Xing Hu, Maohua Zhu, Guoqi Li, Yufei Ding, Yuan Xie.

Inter-Disciplinary Research Challenges in Computer Systems for the 2020s

Albert Cohen, Xipeng Shen, Josep Torrellas, James Tuck, Yuanyuan Zhou, et al.
Technical Report, National Science Foundation, USA, December, 2018

TOP: A Compiler-Based Framework for Optimizing Machine Learning Algorithms through Generalized Triangle Inequality

Yufei Ding, Lin Ning, Hui Guan, Xipeng Shen, Madanlal Musuvathi, Todd Mytkowicz.
SysML, Feb 16th, 2018. Paul Brest Hall · Stanford University.

Reuse-Centric K-Means Configuration

Hui Guan, Yufei Ding, Xipeng Shen, Hamid Krim.
34th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering. April 16th – 20th, 2018.

GLORE: Generalized Loop Redundancy Elimination upon LER-Notation

Yufei Ding, Xipeng Shen.
Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages & Applications . [Acceptance ratio: 29% (66/223).]

Generalizations of the Theory and Deployment of Triangular Inequality for Compiler-Based Strength Reduction

Yufei Ding, Lin Ning, Hui Guan, Xipeng Shen.
The ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation 2017. [Acceptance ratio: 15% (47/322).]

Sweet KNN: An Efficient KNN on GPU through Reconciliation of Redundancy and Regularity

Guoyang Chen, Yufei Ding, Xipeng Shen.
2017 IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, San Diego, California, April 19-22, 2017.

Autotuning algorithmic choice for input sensitivity

Yufei Ding, Jason Ansel, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, Xipeng Shen, Una-May O'Reilly, Saman Amarasinghe.
ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, Portland, Orgon, June 13-17, 2015. [Acceptance ratio: 19% (58/303).]

Yinyang K-Means: A Drop-In Replacement of the Classic K-Means with Consistent Speedup

Yufei Ding, Yue Zhao, Xipeng Shen, Madan Musuvathi, Todd Mytkowicz.
International Conference on Machine Learning, Lille, France, July 06-11, 2015. [Acceptance ratio: 26% (270/1037).]

TOP: A Framework for Enabling Algorithmic Optimizations for Distance-Related Problems

Yufei Ding, Xipeng Shen, Madan Musuvathi, Todd Mytkowicz.
The 41st International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, Kohala Coast, Hawaii, August, 2015.

Finding the Limit: Examining the Potential and Complexity of Compilation Scheduling for JIT-Based Runtime System

Yufei Ding, Mingzhou Zhou, Zhijia Zhao, Sarah Eisenstat, Xipeng Shen.
The Nineteenth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, Salt Lake City, 2014. [Acceptance ratio: 23% (49/217).]

Call Sequence Prediction through Probabilistic Calling Automata

Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu, Mingzhou Zhou, Yufei Ding, Jianhua Sun, Xipeng Shen, Youfeng Wu.
Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages & Applications. [Acceptance ratio: 28% (53/186)]

ProfMig: A Framework for Flexible Migration of Program Profiles Across Software Versions

Mingzhou Zhou, Bo Wu, Yufei Ding, and Xipeng Shen.
International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization Shenzhen, China, 2013. [Acceptance ratio: 28%]

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