CS165A: Artificial Intelligence (Winter 2020)

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Instructor: Prof. Yu-Xiang Wang

TA1: Boyuan Feng
TA2: Jianyu Xu
TA3: Yuqing Zhu

Lecture Section: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:45pm Location: CHEM 1171
Discussion Section 1: Fri 1:00-1:50pm, Location: PHELP 1444
Discussion Section 2: Fri 2:00-2:50pm, Location: PHELP 1445
Discussion Section 3: Fri 3:00-3:50pm, Location: PHELP 1444

Piazza: piazza.com/ucsb/winter2020/cs165a
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Gradescope: [ link]
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Office hours: Instructor Office Hour: Thursday 2:00-3:00pm, HFH 2121
TA1: Boyuan Feng, Office Hour: Monday 3:00-4:00pm, HFH-1138 (CSIL).
TA2: Jianyu Xu, Office Hour: Wednesday 2:00-3:00 pm, Trailer 936.
TA3: Yuqing Zhu, Office Hour: Tuesday 5:00-6:00 pm, HFH-1138 (CSIL).

Textbook: Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice Hall, Third Edition, 2010

Other reference books:

Course Schedule / Lecture Notes

Week Date Topic Reading Assignment
1 7-Jan Introduction and Course Overview AIMA Ch.1
9-Jan AI Problem Solving and Intelligent Agents AIMA Ch. 2, Ch. 26 HW1 out
2 14-Jan Machine Learning AIMA Ch. 18, D2L Ch. 1, ESL Ch. 1
16-Jan Machine Learning D2L Ch. 3, CH. 4, CH. 11
3 21-Jan Probabilistic Graphical Models AIMA Ch. 13
23-Jan Probablistic Graphical Models AIMA Ch. 14, Jordan PGM Ch. 2.1 HW1 Due, HW2 Out
4 28-Jan Search: Solving Problems with Search AIMA Ch. 3.1-3.4
30-Jan Search: Search algorithms AIMA Ch. 3.4-3.6
5 4-Feb Search: Informed Search and Adversarial Search AIMA Ch. 3.5-3.6, 5.1-5.2
6-Feb Midterm Review HW2 Due
6 11-Feb Midterm
13-Feb Search: Adversarial Search. RL: Introduction. AIMA Ch. 5.2-5.3, Sutton and Barto: Ch 1 HW3 out
7 18-Feb RL: Markov Decision Processes AIMA: Ch 17.1, 17.2, 17.3. Sutton and Barto: Ch 3
20-Feb RL: Bandits Problems and Exploration Sutton and Barto: CH 2, AIMA Ch. 21.4
8 25-Feb RL: Bandits, Off-Policy Evaluation and RL algorithms AIMA Ch. 21.1-21.3 Sutton and Barto: Ch 4-6
27-Feb RL: Reinforcement learning algorithms Sutton and Barto: Ch 4-6, Ch 13 HW3 due / HW4 out
9 3-Mar Logic: Logic intro & Propositional Logic AIMA: Ch 7
5-Mar Logic: Propositional logic AIMA Ch 7, Ch 8
10 10-Mar Logic: First order logic AIMA Ch. 8, Ch. 9
12-Mar Responsible AI, and final review HW4 due (Friday Mar 13, 23:59pm)
11 16-Mar Final Exam. 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Other Course Material