There are going to be 5 assignments. Have a look and get prepared. For any question regarding assignments, you can refer only to the specified TA. Pay special attention to deadlines! 

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Assignment #1

Out: Jan 11
Due: Jan 25

TA: Mourloukos Dimitrios

Assignment Overview

Understand the UDP echo client/server code and IMPLEMENT SOME ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONALITY. 
Develop basic C TCP echo client/server code. 
Develop basic JAVA UDP echo client/server code.
Develop basic JAVA TCP echo client/server code.
EC: Implement non-blocking UDP echo server/client in C. 
click here for more details.

Assignment #2

Out: Jan 25
Due: Feb 08

TA: Kamil Sarac

Description: Network utilities
The goal of this assignment is to use some network utilities, including arp, nslookup and so forth. For more details click here

Assignment #3

Out: Feb 08
Due: Feb 22

TA: Kamil Sarac

Description: Network Routing
In this homework you will telnet into a router and use some simple commands to learn various configuration information about it.
Click here for more information.

Assignment #4

Out: Feb 22
Due: Mar 07

TA: Kamil Sarac

Description: Snoop
The goal of the assignment is to examine real protocols in use and understand the communication that takes place in a network by examining the bits that flow accross a network segment. The magic word is snoop. Click here for more details.

Assignment #5

Out: Mar 07
Due: Mar 16

TA:Mourloukos Dimitrios

Description: WWW Client/Server
In the first assignment you implemented the basic Client/Server communication model. In this assignment, moving a step forward, you are asked to implement a simple HTTP Client and a simple HTTP Server, being able to communicate with actual Web Servers/browsers. For more details click here.

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