Running EveryWare on the Computational Grid

Rich Wolski, John Brevik, Chandra Krintz,
Graziano Obertelli, Neil Spring, and Alan Su


The Computational Grid~\cite{gridbook} has recently been proposed for the implementation of high-performance applications using widely dispersed computational resources. The goal of a Computational Grid is to aggregate ensembles of shared, heterogeneous, and distributed resources (potentially controlled by separate organizations) to provide computational ``power'' to an application program.

In this paper, we provide a toolkit for the development of Grid applications. The toolkit, called EveryWare, enables an application to draw computational power transparently from the Grid. The toolkit consists of a portable set of processes and libraries that can be incorporated into an application so that a wide variety of dynamically changing distributed infrastructures and resources can be used together to achieve supercomputer-like performance. We provide our experiences gained while building the EveryWare toolkit prototype and the first true Grid application.