C. Michael Costanzo


Department of Computer Science
University of California, Santa Barbara

July 4, 2018
Hi everybody,

I've retired, effective this month!

At the bottom of this page are links that detail my past professional experience, education and so on. Directly below this short note are records of courses I recently taught, as well as some of my prior courses.

Best wishes,

Recent courses (Fall 2009 - Spring 2018):
Course number and title When
8 - Introduction to Computer Science F09, S10, W15, S15, S17
16 - Problem Solving with Computers I W10, W11, S11, W12, S12, W13, S13,
W14, S14, F15, W17, W18
24 - Problem Solving with Computers II S10, S11, F14, F15, W16, F16
32 - Object-Oriented Design and Implementation F10, F11, S12, F12, S13, F13, S14,
F14, S16, F16, F17
48 - Computer Science Project F10, W11, F11, W12, F12, W13, F13, W14,
W15, S15, W16, S16, W17, S17, S18

Selected prior courses:
Course number and title Terms taught First Last
5JA - Intro. Computers and Computer Organization (Java) 17 W98 W09
10 - Intro. Computer Programming 14 W97 F08
11JA - Programming Language Laboratory (Java) 11 W98 F07
12 - Programming Methods in C 9 S01 S09
20 - Programming Methods 8 S97 M09
50 - Programming Project 16 W99 W10
60 - Introduction to C, C++, and UNIX 3 M03 F09

Professional details:
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