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July 2019: I've moved to TTIC. (See my website there.)

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Matthew Turk

Professor Emeritus

Department of Computer Science

Media Arts and Technology Program

University of California, Santa Barbara


Research interests: Computer vision and imaging, human-computer interaction, augmented reality, mobile computing, multimodal interaction, artificial intelligence.

I'm a professor emeritus in the Department of Computer Science and the Media Arts and Technology Program (an interdisciplinary program positioned at the convergence of arts, media, and technology). My research interests are in computer vision and human-computer interaction, largely concerned with using computer vision as an input modality. That means using cameras (and other sensors) to perceive relevant information about people and the world - e.g., identity, facial expression, body movement, gestures, 3D scene structure - and then using this information to improve the interface between humans and computers. In recent years, many of the applications have been in augmented reality, and mostly focused on real-time mobile computing environments. See the Four Eyes Lab web site for research projects, publications, etc.




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