Building VR Worlds

World as template

MoveU is a small and lightweight wearable device that enhances VR experiences and reduces cybersickness by means of galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS).


About This Project

Any science begins with some assumptions about the fundamental nature of "reality" — whether there is an absolute, objective, reality independent of the observer or whether the facts of reality are only relative to an observer [1]. Newton used space and time as the absolutes against which to measure reality while Einstein used the speed of light. For Gibson, reality of experience is grounded in action and that is the philosophy I follow in my VR work. I believe, in the design of experiences in VR, the constraints on action take precedence over the constraints on perception.

[1] Flach, John M., and John G. Holden. "The reality of experience: Gibson's way." Presence: Teleoperators and virtual environments 7.1 (1998): 90-95.

Project Data

Misha Sra
VR, 3D reconstruction

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