Human-AI Integration Lab

Misha Montoya Sra

Assistant Professor, UCSB Computer Science
Affiliated Faculty with the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Center for Responsible Machine Learning, Mind & Machine Inteligence, the Media, Art & Tech program and the Cognitive Science Program at UCSB.
Director of the Human-AI Integration Lab

Augmenting Physical Abilities

As AI decouples intelligence from consciousness, as XR technologies transform perception, and as matter becomes machine manipulable, three key questions about the future arise: 1) what will newer AI-infused interfaces look like where digital bits occupy space and algorithms have faces, 2) what can we learn about human behavior through human-AI interaction and how can AI models learn from human behavior, and 3) how will a shift from data-centered to human-centered AI systems augment our capabilities and enrich our lives?

To answer these questions, our current work focuses on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), eXtended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In particular, we investigate the design, engineering and study of interfaces (software and hardware), interactions, tools and systems for augmenting our physical capabilities. We are interested in skill acquisition and skill recovery such as fitness training and rehab therapy, physical task guidance such as equipment repair or cooking, and creative collaboration for music and dance.

We are inspired by the writings of Douglas Englebart and JCR Licklider. In both Augmenting Human Intellect and Man-Computer Symbiosis we see a vision of a world where human capabilities are greatly enhanced through close interaction with machines, which we call Human-AI Integration.


  • 3D Motion Dataset: We are looking for an undergraduate student for help with building a dataset. Must have prior programming experience (any language) or basic Unity skills/experience or a strong willingness to learn Unity quickly.

  • 3D Printing: We are looking for an undergraduate student who is interested in 3D printing, fabrication, electronics prototyping (e.g., Arduino). No prior experience in 3D printing needed.

  • Web Interface: We are looking for an undergraduate or BS/MS student for help with building a web frontend to a machine learning backend. Must have HTML/CSS/Javascript experience.

  • AR App: We are looking for an undergraduate student for recreating an AR application using Lens Studio. Javascript programming experience required.

  • Facial Dataset: We are looking for an undergraduate or BS/MS or Master's student for helping build a facial image dataset using hardware we have built. Prior programming experience, ability to learn how to use new hardware, working with people, organization and attention to detail, and high motivation are required.

  • If you are a CS Master's student looking for a thesis project and interested in augmented reality + computer vision, please email us.




Misha Sra
Assistant Professor of Computer Science


Sherry Chen
PhD student, CS


Yimeng Liu
PhD student, CS


Atieh Taheri
PhD candidate, ECE


Andrew Huard
PhD student, ECE


Jungah Son
PhD student, MAT


Arthur Caetano
PhD student, CS


Avinash Nargund
PhD student, ECE


Zichen Chen
PhD student, CS


Kojiro Takeyama
Visiting Researcher, Toyota Research


Purav Bhardwaj
Visiting student, NID, India



Carlos Gilberto
Visiting PhD student, MechE. UNAM, Mexico City


Giuliana Barrios Dell'Olio
Visiting Master's Student, CS 2020-2021. Now at McKinsey & Company


Jake Guida
Master's Student, CS 2020 (now at Adobe)


Mengyu Chen
PhD'23, MAT


We are always looking for exceptional students at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering, Cognitive Science and Mechanical Engineering.

If you are interested in applying to the Human-AI Integration Lab:

  1. Send me or any PhD student/s an email with your portfolio and CV.
  2. You must have an online portfolio that shows details of your projects and highlights your contributions. We are especially looking for technical expertise that involves: building realtime interactive AI-based systems, hardware devices, implementing AR/VR systems, and applications in our areas of interest.
  3. Your CV should state your expertise level in areas that are crucial for our lab: have you designed new AI algorithms or implemented existing ones, have you built AR/VR systems, have you built any hardware, do you do more hardware or software or both, etc.
  4. Make sure you have spent enough time on this website and can specify in your email why the Human-AI Integration lab is a good match for your research interests and skills.
  5. Our lab is most suited for folks with some experience in HCI, ECE/EE, and ME.
  6. If you are applying for a summer internship, you must have demonstrated experience in our areas of work. At this time, I do not have any funding for visiting students/interns.
  7. If you are a UCSB undergraduate, please email me mentioning your area of interest, any prior experience and your transcript (unofficial is fine). Undergrads in our lab have so far worked as volunteers or for research credit.


The Human-AI Integration Lab is housed in the Computer Science Department at UCSB located in Phelps 3515.

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