Neighborhood Health Score

A multitouch table and a Google Maps application that uses the tabletop interface to present the health score for any selected point or area on the map.


About This Project

The user interacts with the application using finger taps and touch gestures. Drawing a circle on the map with one finger shows a transparent gray overlay for the selected area and displays a health score for that area.Holding down two fingers on the screen opens up a menu with options to conduct a ‘neighborhood search’ and ‘keyboard search.’ The selected neighborhood is highlighted on the map in a transparent red overlay. Selecting the ‘keyboard search’ option brings up a virtual keyboard. Text can be entered into the on-screen search box by tapping the keyboard keys with your finger. The user may enter a specific address or a zip code.

Project Data

Misha Sra and Luis Revilla
Touch table, drawing gestures, neighborhoods, health score

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