CS293G: Computing on encrypted data (graduate)

This schedule is tentative. It may change as the weeks go on.

Topics Reading
(to be completed before class)
Week 1
Mon 01/06 Introduction
Wed 01/08 Order-preserving encryption; partially homomorphic encryption
Read Popa et al., and
a Wikipedia article on partially homomorphic cryptosystems.
Week 2
Mon 01/13 No lecture
Wed 01/15 SQL queries over encrypted data
CryptDB, NKW '15, and guidelines on using CryptDB. Read the three papers in the order they are listed.
Week 3
Mon 01/20 No lecture (MLK day)
Wed 01/22 Private information retrieval (PIR)
Sections 1.0, 2, 3.0, and 3.1 of the seminal paper on information-theoretic PIR;
the seminal paper on computational PIR; and
Sections 1, 3.0, and 5 of Beimel et al.
Read the three papers in the order they are listed.
Week 4
Mon 01/27 Private media streaming
Popcorn Popcorn applies a composition of CPIR and IT-PIR to media streaming.
Wed 01/29 Anonymous communication
Optional:Riffle and Talek
Pung uses CPIR (and its many optimizations) for unobservable communication.
Week 5
Mon 02/03 Big data analytics over encrypted datasets
Wed 02/05 No lecture
Fri 02/07 Preliminary research proposal due, 9:00 PM
Week 6
Mon 02/10 Yao's garbled circuits
Chapter 6.2 of Pass and Shelat
Wed 02/12 Spam filtering and topic extractions over encrypted email
Pretzel Pretzel performs spam filtering and topic extraction over encrypted email.
Week 7
Mon 02/17 Research proposal presentations
Each presenter gets 10 minutes
Wed 02/19 Deep packet inspection (DPI) over encrypted network traffic
BlindBox BlindBox performs string and regular expression matching over encrypted network traffic.
Week 8
Mon 02/24 Private machine learning using garbled circuits
DeepSecure and Chameleon
Wed 02/26 Private machine learning cont.
Gazelle Gazelle uses a mix of additively homomorphic encryption and Yao's garbled circuits to implement a MLaaS system
Week 9
Mon 03/02 A brief survey of fully homomorphic encryption
Read the two blogs first and second on FHE
Wed 03/04 Leveled HE applied to private machine learning
Week 10
Mon 03/09 Solutions using trusted hardware (SGX, etc.)
Wed 03/11 Private SQL queries using Intel SGX
Fri 03/13 Final research proposal due, 9:00 PM

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