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*Please email your final project report (pdf) to Yu Su (qfsuyu at gmail dot com) (by June 7, 2015)

*Midterm date is changed to May 13, 2015. Sample questions will be posted in the Lecture directory on May 6 2015

*Bonus exam questions (and solutions) are due on May 4th (first come, first service). Send it to Yu Su (qfsuyu at gmail dot com)

*Project Report (2 pages) is due on April 29, please submit a printout in class.

Abstract: This is a graduate-level course on data mining.  This time, we will specifically focus on neural network, deep learning, NLP, knowledge base, question answering, and text mining.  

Each student is expected to have a midterm and complete a research project.

Prerequisites: CS130

Enrollment Code: 08953,  Instructor: Prof. Xifeng Yan , Email: xyan at cs.ucsb.edu

Time: Monday/Wednesday 11:00- 12:50pm, Location: PHELP 2510  Office Hour:  Wed 1:00-2:00pm

TA: Yu Su (qfsuyu at gmail dot com)/Yang Li (yangli at cs dot ucsb dot edu ) Office Hour: Monday, 3pm to 4pm, TA Office


Grading: Your grade will be derived from Midterm (50%), project presentation/demo (30%), and project reports (20%), Bonus paper presentation (+/- 5%). Bonus exam question (2-5%).

Text Books (not required)

Lecture notes (limited access)