CS 235: Computational Geometry

Subhash Suri
TTh 1:00 - 2:50 PM, PHELP 2510
Office Hours: Mon 1-2 PM (Zoom)


Course Description

Computational Geometry is what happens when Euclid meets Turing. From 3D modeling to computer vision, robotics, GIS systems, machine learning, we routinely face geometric problems that need efficient algorithmic solutions. This course introduces algorithms, data structures, and mathematical concepts that are helpful in meeting these challenges. The topics include Convex Hulls, Intersection Detection, Polygon Triangulation, Shortest Paths, Multi-Dimensional Range Searching, Voronoi Diagrams, Delaunay Triangulations, Geometric Duality, VC Dimension, eps-Nets, Ham Sandwich Theorem, and Geometric Covering and Hitting.

For lectures and assignments, please visit the course piazza page.

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