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Computer Vision Research Laboratory



Welcome to the Computer Vision Research Laboratory at UCSB. The name is there for historical reasons; however, our research agenda and project scope have broadened to include a diverse set of interesting and challenging topics. Today, students, visitors, and faculty are engaged in advanced research related to computer vision, medical image analysis, computer graphics, and bioinformatics. This page is constantly under construction and contains descriptions of some sample projects in the Computer Vision Laboratory. If you desire further information, please contact Professor Yuan-Fang Wang directly.





Please consult UCSB travel direction page for detailed direction to UCSB. The Computer Vision Research Lab is located on the third floor of the Harold Frank Hall, rm 3120B. Professor Wang's office is rm 3113. A campus map with the building (circled in red) and nearby parking (circled in blue) is enclosed below. Parking structure 10 is right next to the Harold Frank Hall and has a limited number of 4-hour metered parking slots on the ground floor. One can purchase parking permits for these slots at the permit dispensers located at the entrance. In case these slots are full or your stay will be longer than 4 hours, Mesa structure has a large number of visitor parking slots. It is a short, pleasant 10-minute walk to the Harold Frank Hall from Mesa.