CS 595C
Side Channel Analysis via Model Counting Constraint Solvers
Fall 2016


Since computers are used in every aspect of modern life, many software systems have access to secret information such as financial and medical records of individuals, trade secrets of companies and military secrets of states. Confidentiality, a core computer security attribute, dictates that, a program that manipulates secret information should not reveal that information. This can be hard to achieve if an attacker is able to observe different aspects of program behavior such as execution time and memory usage. Side-channel attacks recover secret information from programs by observing non-functional characteristics of program executions such as time consumed, number of memory accessed or packets transmitted over a network. In this seminar we will discuss automated techniques for side-channel analysis. We will also discuss the use of model counting constraint solvers for side channel analysis, in order to quantify the amount of information leaked from the identified side channels.
Instructor: Tevfik Bultan
Organizational Meeting time: Monday, September 26, 3:00PM
Location: HFH 1152
Enrollment Code: 74559
Units: This will be a 2 unit seminar

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