Self-Driving Networks

The long-term research goal for Systems and Networking Lab (SNL) is to develop self-driving networks, i.e., build networks that can run themselves with minimal intervention. Specifically, our goal is to develop self-driving last-mile networks (e.g., cable, mobile, satellite, etc.) that can provide highly available, reliable, performant and secure network connectivity to under-served communities.

To this end, our group explores (1) how we can leverage the flexibility of programmable data-plane targets and the intelligibility of ML algorithms to solve different learning problems in networking; and (2) how we can establish trust in ML-based artifacts for networking, such that network operators feel confident relinquishing control to these artifacts in production settings.

Some of the recent works that best represent some of the ongoing projects at SNL:


The research in my group is funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) and different network service providers (Verizon Innovations, ViaSat) and vendors (Intel).

You can find more details about some of the funded projects here: